Dark, Gothic and Horrifyingly spectacular. ‘Idle Ways’ sets the tone for a lonesome night in Manchester’s city centre. And with that Gothic Victorian architecture looming over, the track sets an ideal scene to watch yourself be chased in third person through alley ways which are shrouded in a dark, dark shadow from a looming figure of goodness knows what. And to make it darker, picture dad dancing and unnatural waving arms surrounding yourself in what would appear to be a most fucked up nightmare. It may not be the darkest invention from Rain City, but it certainly makes its mark.


Opening up with a shit tonne of reverb on what could possibly be a guitars string being attacked and scratched violently, ‘Idle Ways’ features little pre-Hendrix licks, with ever-growing Psychedelic achieving its alternative sound. With Cartwright’s droning “day by day” chorus lines and Lucas Berry’s leading basslines throughout the song, what you’ve got is a perfect flow of an incredible and indescribable alternative track that gets better after every listen. And I’ve listened to it so far roughly fifty times. And I really fucking feel this song.


Pulling together all the fine details of the single, we’re treated to an outro that sounds like Sam just left the Muscle Museum in 1999 due to the head winding and chaotic sounds being violently thrown out of the mix from ‘Idle Ways’. And if you don’t understand that reference I made. I feel like you should probably go listen to Muse’s debut album: ‘Showbiz’ from 1999.


Altogether, what we have is Crimson setting a strong claim to gather crowds in Manchester’s local and best venues. It appears that the group have already got a considerable amount of influence over the popular Northern Quarter venue ‘Night and Day’. And from that we can gather the perfect image of a small trio pushing their way into Manchester’s underground royalty scene – And hopefully not change their sound along the way.



Published by Alex Raworth