Beauty and the Beast takes a demonic twist in this strange but captivating retelling. The writing was fantastic and I loved the idea of the demons-who-are-not-fey even though they're fey in every sense except being called demons.

I loved the idea of the magical house and different rooms always changing and burnt books and just wow! The magic of the world is incredible. The deal making was perfect. It's like Rumpelstiltskin, Peter Pan, and Beast all melted together into one person and became Ignifex, kind of like in the Once Upon a Time TV show.

I loved that the romance grew from hate, not love. From acceptance of that darkness, not the need to drown it. They didn't make each other better people - and it was ok. Having an unlikable MC is hard work (and a big risk) but this book did it well. 

Overall, a great read, and a very interesting retelling that I would recommend to anyone who likes the darker ones but still enjoys shows like Once Upon a Time.

Published by Anna K