Hello, readers!


Well, I have a guilty pleasure and that is Beaty and the beast stories.


So I will be beastly cruel (get it?)

Anyway, this books talks about a girl Nyx that her father sold her the demon lord!

The story is a classic beauty and the beast, but the setting is Roman- Greek mythology infused with demons. It sounds confusing, but since I am Greek and I am used at the mythology, I read it quite quickly.

The book overall was an easy read, I enjoyed it. The end though wasn’t so good. I felt it was rushed and the words were written just to be there and be done with the book.

There are other books like a series, but not the same characters. They just leave in the same “universe”. I am not reading the second book because I don’t like Cinderella that much. Maybe in the future will give it a shot.

Published by Elektra Bakhshov