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​Melissa Foster is an amazing author. You will always laugh during her books and a lot of the times you will cry, either way one thing if for certain, you will get lost in the romance that she has created. So sit back and enjoy the review.

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Shannon Braden is very energetic and talkative. She loves life and she loved her time in Colorado when she was their gathering data for the company she is working for. When she went home for her brother's wedding she knew there was something happening between her and Steve. Her sister talked her into going back to see what was happening and she had a job that she could do while she was there.

Steve loves his solitude and his mountain. He does not believe in casual sex, so he has fought his desire for Shannon ever since his sister's wedding. He knew her life was in Peaceful Harbor and so he kept himself away from her. When she went home for her brother's wedding he missed her. His quiet mountain that he had always loved was to quite after she left. Now she was back and he knew he was going to have to have the control of a saint to keep himself away from her.

She was so beautiful and the spark that they make when they are together is hard to resist. But he fights it tooth and nail. She made a play for him wanting him to kiss him so bad but he doesn't fall for it, but he lets her know real quick what he really wants.

"You know I want to lay you down right here and memorize every sweet curve of your body. I want to taste your pleasures, waylay your fears, discover your vulnerabilities, your secret pleasure points." His lips brushed over hers again, along her cheek, to her other ear. "Even when we're not together, all I can think about is what it would be like to be inside you."

Can we can panty melting. Squeeee. Steve is such a romantic and you will see how romantic he is when you read this book.

They continue to get closer and falling more and more in love with each other. When Shannon finally talks him into letting her help with the ranch that is going up for sale. He does and they start working hard to get the campaign off the ground. He keeps her on her toes and makes her do her research before doing the campaign work. He keeps falling and the time is nearing for her to head back home.

I don't want to give away all of the sweet and romantic details, but he learns to dance for her and that when you read will know how big that was.

Now it is time for you to keep these questions in your mind when you read this book because I will not be giving out the answers for you.

Does Shannon go back home?

How does Steve take her leaving?

Even though they said they would do long distance, can they make it work?

Those are questions you will find out. It is funny, sweet, and sad. You will awe, laugh and cry some while reading this book. I look forward to hearing comments on your thoughts of the book.

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