Nope, Trump didn’t bull doze Vera Coking’s ocean front property down!

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N Y Times clarifies the Trump information on “eminent domain” and proves Cruz wrong again.  

Well when push comes to shove Cruz sort of did the naughty thing again that he’s becoming famous for – he sponsored an ad on Donald Trump showing he bull dozed an elderly ladies residence.   Another lie big and bold by Mr. Cruz – when will he get his stories straight.

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Eminent Domain is definitely a legality that the Government or other entities can use at times.  Trump has tried to explain this the past few days to the residents of New Hampshire.   He uses the “PIPELINE” as an example of what will take place if the “Pipeline” is passed.  In order to construct the pipeline, it will be necessary to remove residences, and/or businesses.  The owners will receive full value for their property.

Here are a few examples where “eminent domain” has been used.  Remember Trump a very successful business person didn’t create “eminent domain” or rewrite it.  Here is the 5th Amendment information in our Constitution about “eminent domain” – the States have reworded this 5th Amendment to suit themselves, but it exists and is being used as we speak. 

Eminent Domain Clause

When the government takes PersonalProperty for public use, the law calls it a taking and protects it under the

 eminentdomain clause of the Fifth Amendment. The Eminent Domain Clause permits the government to appropriate private property, both real estate and personal belongings, for a public purpose so long as the owner receives just compensation, which is normally equated with the fair market value of the property. The Fifth Amendment attempts to strike a balance between theneeds of the public and the property rights of the owner.

The power of eminent domain was first recognized in England in 1215. Article 39 of the Magna Charta read,"no free manshall be … disseised [deprived] of his freehold … except by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land." Nocompensation was awarded to owners whose property was taken by the government for public use. Instead, English lawmerely required that the government obtain ownership of private property through existing legal channels, such asparliamentary legislation. This principle was followed in England for several centuries, and was later adopted by theAmerican colonies.

Fifth Amendment legal definition of fifth amendment

Donald Trump did attempt to get an elderly ladies home via eminent domain and lost.  He basically walked away and said “forget it.”  What Cruz is spouting off about Trump bulldozing an elderly lady’s property is to put it mildly a bald faced lie. 

Here’s how the story goes, Vera Coking and her husband bought the property in the 1960s for 20,000.  Vera’s husband passed away in the late 1960s long before the casino boom in Atlantic City in 1978.

In the 1970’s Bob Guccione (billionaire) and publisher at Penthouse magazine wanted Vera’s property for his own casino. He offered Vera $1 million dollars, but that didn’t come to fruition.  Vera liked her ocean front property and wasn’t interested in making the big bucks at this time – but as time went on Vera had a change of heart.  She decided to sell her property for 5 million dollars, but it was too late to find a real buyer on her property. 

Later on Trump in the 1990s tried to purchase Vera’s property via “eminent domain.”  Trump lost and Vera remained in her property until she had to go to a retirement home.  At that time around 2011 the property of Vera’s was put up for sale for a smacking 5 million – there were no legitimate buyers and eventually around 2014 the property went on the auction block and was purchase by Carl Icahn for 583,000 dollars.

There’s no doubt many are opposed to the 5th Amendment’s written law on “eminent domain,” but it exists and States condone and use this law when necessary. 

Trump isn’t the bad guy here – he tried to get Vera Coking’s property via “eminent domain.”  He lost and walked away.  Vera’s property value diminished over the years and it’s sad to see how the story ended.  Her property sold at an auction for literally peanuts (583,000 dollars.)

So a lesson to all of us, if we want things like the pipeline in order to stimulate our economy and generate jobs – we may just be happy that “eminent domain” is an option.

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Published by Marcia Wood