Within the athletic, business or academic environment, managing different teams, employees and students usually come with a challenge of different beliefs and personalities sometimes working against each other. The managing team must continuously look for new ways to make their players, students or employees give better performance and work results. It is important to take time and recognize the effort provided by your team and this is best accomplished by considering the advantages of giving someone a token of appreciation to deliver your message with excellence.


Say you’re managing a team of 50 staff members and are looking for a way to show your appreciation while simultaneously boosting employee performance and morale. Here’s how a ceremony with crystal awards can do just that.

Everyone Deserves Recognition

Employees and teams who feel good about their contributions and expertise to the business are more likely to be driven. Recognition will always matter for their achievements and milestones, encouraging them to be more creative and engaged in the business. This will contribute to a more positive work environment. According to Forbes, when you take the time to demonstrate how much you appreciate your employees and their efforts — how much their work is contributing to the success of your business as a whole — you’re helping your employees feel good about what they’re doing, and these positive feelings go home with them at the end of each workday.


Employee Engagement Matters

Each employer and manager should always find a way to keep employees and teams engaged and mold them to become ambassadors. As a result, they work actively, learn faster and produce more returns. One effective way to keep your people working at peak performance is to give them awards that show your appreciation for their achievements, service, and teamwork.


Employee Motivation Makes A Difference


Research shows that 63% of our employees lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary efforts in the business goals and outcome. Therefore, management should relay to their team that efforts and contributions play an essential role in the overall goal of the company, regardless of how big or small their participation. Employees will take pride if they are aware of how their efforts create a significant impact. At times, a simple “Great job” or “A pat on the back” will serve their purpose. Acknowledge your team’s effort, build relationships and encourage people to work harder by awarding them with credit for the job well done.


Boosting Productivity Through Awards


Business is all about productivity, and if it is low, any company will not do well. Recognizing associates by giving someone an award will create a level of healthy competition that is highly beneficial in the business environment and create opportunities for winning. Offer awards for the associate or top performer who goes beyond the necessary to complete tasks.  The person who receives an award will feel a higher level of satisfaction from their work and now be recognized by their peers. Now, you will have people that are engaged and working hard for recognition.


Awards Given In Ceremonies


What better way to celebrate your team than with a ceremony with awards? There are many benefits associated with giving awards out. Winning acrylic awards, medals, and trophies for accomplishments and recognition can be a very important part of any experience. Whether the award is for a first-place medal in a competition, an academic achievement or an employee of the month reward, the desire to excel will be the best motivator towards winning one and will give anyone an excellent way to celebrate their efforts. Trophies and awards can foster pride, inspire motivation and create memories that last a long time. Many of us look at awards from our siblings, parents, and colleagues from years ago, and become inspired to try harder and do better.


Surely, the best part of winning an award is the overwhelming feeling of pride during the ceremony and the moment of presentation. It acts as a symbol of success and builds confidence to do more and achieve more. Something that will be cherished forever, an award serves as a reminder of efforts, hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Genuine, tangible awards give that lasting boost in morale — something that monetary gifts can’t do.

Published by Elena Tahora