Crystal healing can be beneficial for all types of different remedies and aids. They have been used since ancient time, along with herbs and oils, to enhance overall well-being and lifestyle changes. Choosing the right crystal can be difficult if you are really unsure of which one holds what power. Beginners could even learn to heal themselves and others around them with simple practice and intent.  

Choosing the correct crystal for a certain purpose, if you are just learning or just really not sure, you can use a crystal pendulum to help you. Place all your crystals you intend to use in front of you in a circle. First, you must put some intent into the pendulum to let it know what it is you would like it to do. Circle the pendulum in a clockwise motion speaking out loud "This motion is to represent yes". Then in the opposite direction, put the intent of the motion to respond as "no". Holding your pendulum over each crystal, you can then ask if this is the crystal you should use for your release. Don't just stop once the pendulum has chosen a crystal for you, sometimes multiple crystals can be of great use, it will tell you yes or no.

Holding the crystals over the spot that is in pain or anything that is unpleasant will help reduce the cause of action. If you have multiple crystals, you can use both hands and use spiraling motions around the area, or rotate using one hand.


Using crystals to infuse your water is a great way to spread spiritual energy. The water acts as a vehicle to the vibrations from the crystals, which interacts closer our energy field as it's ingested.

  • Make sure you always wash your crystals before use!
  • Use tongs or spoon to put crystals into water.
  • A tumblestone the size of a coin, will infuse a normal sized glass or bottle. You can add 2 crystals, but no more than two for that amount of water.
  • Creating a jug of water is a good idea, charge them with crystals out of the fridge, and then take crystals out to put back to refresh.
  • Cover the container, and put as much intent and purpose you feel is needed. Speak out loud what it is you want to accomplish from the crystals.
  • You can keep the crystals in for 12 hours (see crystals details to make sure it's okay with water before use in case of damage) and the charged water lasts up to 3 days in the fridge.

It is important to make sure you know what crystals you're using aren't toxic to the human body to digest. In that case, placing the crystals around the glass or bowl is just fine. Leaving them for 48 hours is typically what you aim for since it's not in the substance itself, so more time equals more intent and purpose.


By using a number of crystals arranged in a geometric pattern, called a healing grid or pattern, you can place them on or around a person (laying flat), photograph or animal that the healing is intended for. Putting full concentration and focus into every crystal for this purpose is necessary. You can use as many as three to create a triangle/pyramid or as many as you'd like for more power. Smaller tumblestones are typically used.

If you do choose to use crystal points, you can use from 6 to 8 crystals to enhance quicker and faster healing energies. Use citrine points for maximum power, as they never need to be cleansed. For more gentle healing, use amethyst or rose quartz for calming and refreshing energies.

Placing the pointed crystals around the body and a rounded crystal on top of the stomach I find works the best to centralize everything. Always face the points outwards from the body or object, this will release any unwanted energy or illness, blockages, etc. Placing them across from each other is key to keeping a balanced set. Crystals with points on both ends produce and release energies at the same time, as a conductor.

Playing soft music and lighting candles with a light fragrance, just as you would for your sacred spaces, or what you would see in a spa for relaxation. Asking for guidance from angels and spirit guides is always beneficial when doing a healing grid.

Take note of how you placed each crystal, as you will reverse the process to take them off.

Another powerful method is using Master Crystals or Wands. You can program the master crystal or wands, and use them as a conductor for your healing. Touching each crystal with the wand or crystal, draw visual lines to each one, as if connecting them all at the points over the body. Always move clockwise while making this motion. You will start to feel the vibrations from the crystals after the third time around. At last, touch the crystal at the top and visualize rays of pulsating energies, from top to bottom reaching every crystal. 

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