I always say a good teen witch book can lift your mood up!


Fear no more This book is not just good it's magically captivating.  It's about a teen called Krissa that moves to clearwater were the events of her life unfold as she accepts being a witch. 

This book reminded me of other books on a similar content. I felt I was re-reading some other book.

I guess using the old "Founding families" excuse to create witches, vampires,werewolves got into my system.  I have read those kinds of books to many times and it's hard for to get impressed with originality. 

That does not mean that I didn't enjoy this particular book; on the contrary, it was very entertaining. I loved the way it unfolded the story. It got you hood up even more. 

I mean I love witch novels, what there is not to love about! 

This book had a bit of everything happening, romance, magic, psychic, tragedy, time travel. So with confidence, I would say read it! 

Published by Elektra Bakhshov