We are quick to say “there’s nothing like True Love” simply because we have never seen or been in one ourselves, but how do you hope to find what you are not searching for, or what you do not believe in? You are what you think, so if you think you can’t get True Love because “it doesn't exist”, then you will never get True Love because it will never exist for you (no matter how harsh or bitter it tastes, the Truth is the Truth).
    My dear girl, you say you want True Love but you keep saying; “hope he’s handsome”?, “is he rich”?, “does he own a car”?, “where does he live”?, “can he pay my bills”? Yet you say it’s True Love you want? I am not saying you can’t find True Love and a guy like that, but if you have to focus your attention on those things before Love itself then who’s to blame when Love evades you? Just know that if a guy has to “purchase” you, he will only need you till something even more fanciful comes along, then you’ll say “he broke my heart”?, sorry dear, your heart was broken even before you met him.
    As for the guys who would say “all girls are the same”, YOU ARE WRONG, the girls u know may be “the same” but the girls you are not seeing and/or meeting are not. You are drawn to the flashy type, the “I love to drink and party every day” type, the “where the money at” type, the “sex on the first date” type, the “lazy, i need a man to survive” type, the “cleavage showing/thigh revealing” type(no offense to the ‘good’ ones). My man…you get what you “pay” for, so you already know what will happen if a guy that is more “fun” than you comes along.
    And now ladies and gentlemen, I PUT IT TO YOU; TRUE LOVE EXISTS, you just have to open your heart and your mind’s eye to see it, you have to give it to get it back, you have to be “open to receive love”, for someone around you that you don’t even know exists may already be in love with you. IF ONLY YOUR HEART AND MIND IS SET ON THE RIGHT FREQUENCY TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOU. #LoveIsYou #LoveIsABeautifulThing #TrueLove #WeGiveItToGetItBack #BeOpenTOReceiveLove #LikeMoneyLovePeople 

Published by Al Phacarl