The recipe is great for an easy meal or easy - but impressive - entertaining. If you use tortillas from the store, there is actually no cooking on the stovetop involved. It is also a great recipe to do with a group of people as you can have one person on each job. This recipe was a team effort between Cass and I.

For progress pictures, check out:

The quantity of ceviche will make 6-8 small hand-made tortillas. 4 store bought.

tortillas (if you wish to hand-make see method below)

100 g quick pickled cabbage (see method below)

200g swordfish ceviche (see method below)

guacamole (see guac-amore blog post)

pickled chillis (optional)


hand-made tortillas

start 1 hour before you wish to eat

white maize meal


tortilla press – I bought mine for $30 from Chilli Mojo

olive oil

mix dough according to packet instructions of the white maize meal
if using a mixer, you will need to work by hand after in the bowl to make it all come together

Rest dough for 30 minutes. Make quick pickled red cabbage while it rests.
Warm your oven. Place an oven dish ready for keeping tortillas warm.
Add a dash of oil to a medium to large fry pan.
Use a tortilla press to press out tortillas. Add to the fry pan as you go.
Add the first tortilla. Add 2-3 at a time to the pan if they will fit with space between them.
Flip when the sides lift. A slight browning and it’s done.
As they are ready, place in the dish in the oven to keep warm until ready to serve.


quick pickled cabbage

quantities given make enough for 4

200g red cabbage (50g per person). Finely sliced

salt - good amount to help break down the cabbage

pepper - to taste

juice of 1.5 limes

2-3 tbs coriander stalk and root. Finely diced.

dash of olive oil

Add all the ingredients to a medium bowl. Mix well with hands.
Leave to pickle until everything is ready.


200g fresh swordfish. Skin removed. Slice into 5mm slices.



sprinkle of chilli flakes

juice of 1 lime

Place the fish in a shallow dish.
Add pepper to taste.
Salt well. The salt aids in the cooking process. Add a to taste amount first, add more if necessary.
Sprinkle chilli flakes.
Pour lime juice over the top. Use hands to coat well.

Sit for 25 minutes to cook the fish. This timing does depend on the fish, so if you are substituting with another fish it may take more or less time. Taste along the way to check if cured. Check for salt.

Slice the pickled chilli.

Organise plates. Place ingredients in the tortilla in desired order.

Published by Zoe Crichton