She said, “I am not quite sure if its a crush that I posses on you, I may be curious to know you”.

Well yeah, she is a new friend to me, an interesting person. But it seems that, I was not all the new to her. She had known me for quite some days. And she was way too frank about all those. So, I appreciate her for that. But when we were talking, a topic sprung up. CRUSH, and it seems that it may be a mistaken form of curiosity. And since it happened for first time to her. She mis understood it as crush.

There are many such beautiful girls all around who are curious about a person. And mistake it for a crush? Or maybe, have a crush and hide it by telling it a curiosity. But still, it never matters. Whatever be it, we are gentle men and we allow them to know it properly. And keep them as our friend instead of ruining a beautiful potential friendship.

After all, handsome people are to be admired and beautiful girls are to be appreciated. So, a friend it is. Just saying this cause it seemed like an intriguing topic, crush vs. curiosity.

So, just a small post dedicated to that new friend and let’s hope our friendship goes on for long. (: kudos to that. (:

And be it a curiosity or Crush, it would never hurt a friendship. Am glad for either. And proud that you are frank and wish many more to be true n frank like u.


Originally posted in personal website., on9th August 2015.

Published by Aravindha Krishnan