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So there was the season’s first rain today.

There is an unusual attraction in the smell of the moist soil and the music of pouring water from heaven.

I rushed to my window, not to smell the fragrance of soil or to see the magnificent water drops, but to see her.

She lives across the street.

I have noticed her several times standing there gazing the moving traffic just like I do, lost in her own thoughts just like me.

Its strange how you can get attracted to a person you have never met.

I don’t even know her name!

Forget about the name, I have not even seen her face clearly!

Still there is this attraction…

Sometimes I ponder, is it really attraction or simply curiosity?

If it is attraction, have I become so vulnerable or you can say, grown such a lust for love, that a random girl who I happen to see three or four times a day is attractive to me?

If it is curiosity, why this particular girl? There are many faces that I see every day…

But…what about her?

It cannot be just me finding her whenever I see through the window…

I bet I have seen her looking at my apartment; it’s not the hanging banners she’s reading…how many times can one read an advertisement of stupid sale?

This all makes me think…it’s definitely curiosity…

It amazes me, the human curiosity.

It has made people to discover the undiscovered.

It has made people to take the roads never travelled.

It has made people to change the world and make it a better place.

Well may be someday I will discover her name.

May be I will travel the path to her.

May be she will make my world a better place.

Until then it’s just me, millions of water drops, and she.

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