Do you have everything ready for your trip and the only thing you need is to prepare the money that you are going to take? Do you want to know which is the best exchange option to save and not pay unnecessary commissions?

In this article, a list of tips and tricks for currency exchange has been brought to you by Mconvert in order to discover how the currency exchange works and make a successful currency exchange for your needs.

Everything you need to know to exchange currency!


What is the exchange rate?

Exchange rate allows us to know the value of money when you buy a coin. For example, how many Canadian dollars can you get with 50 Euros? As the value of money is variable, there will be seasons in which with 50 Euros you can get more or fewer dollars when you exchange currencies.

Where can I exchange currency?

The truth is that the options are not too many: you can change at your bank of origin, in exchange houses or in the currency exchange centers that are in the airports. You can also take advantage of your destination, for example, if you go to Sydney there are some banks that offer currency exchange service and also some hotels.

Can I avoid commissions when it comes to changing money?

No, you can not avoid paying some kind of commission when you exchange money from one currency to another because precisely this commission is the main source of income of the entity that offers this service.

Some tips to get the best currency exchange

Avoid exchanging currency at the airports. Normally the currency exchange companies that are in the airports are those that offer more abusive commissions. So travel with some local currency from the destination you're traveling to or exchange at an exchange house you find around the city, never at the airport!

You can choose to pay by card during your stay. Instead of going with the wallet full of foreign currency, you can pay with your credit card. We always recommend that you talk to your bank first to find out what kind of fees you charge for payments abroad, but as a general rule, it is an option that comes into account. In addition, it is much more convenient and practical to pay by card.

In case you need cash, you can also withdraw money from ATMs, but in this case, the commissions are usually much higher.

Electronic money transfer. It is one of the best options since it implies the best exchange rate in currency conversion. The only indispensable requirement is that you have to have a bank account in the country of destination to be able to receive the money. Therefore, as a general rule, people who use this method usually reside in the country of the currency that they want to buy. There are many electronic money transfer services. Take a look at the network and choose the one that best suits you.

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Published by Mary Fontenot