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In my last post I mentioned how I had the opportunity to attend the F L U M E concert and noticed what designers are doing for visual effects. Being exposed to this environment, I can relate most of the trends to what designers are producing in print design, animation, visual effects and more. Interested? Lets get started.



1) Vibrant/Morphing Digital Animation

Jelly  London Campaign for MOO – Online print and design company

Although Jelly London’s campaign for MOO (an online print and design company) was created in spring 2015, it is a great example of what is still trending in rising in fall 2016. The image above was taken as a screen shot from  a 30 second ad campaign. See down below:

MOO Campaign

In the video and image it is clear that the creatives at Jelly London are not afraid of color pop and wild imagination…but only for the story they are telling. The message and purpose of the ad is to state the simplicity a business card should have to tell a “big story,” and how creatives at MOO can help you tell a story through their designs. Here is the website to MOO  .

As previously mentioned, motion graphics designer Alec Maassen produces Flume’s visual effects for his music videos. As a person who used to frequently attend concerts, viewing the screen behind the performer was always exciting to see. So, I was not disappointed when Flume came on stage and his music matched the motion of the visual effects going on behind him. It really tells a story itself – and that is what grabs audience attention. 

2) Flat Design

Flat design may be one of my favorite elements of design to study and produce. It is a style that seems to work on all platforms from print, web, and digital applications. We see them all the time, usually as quick and informative implications (infographics)


This is a work of mine – Child Labor Awareness Campaign – using inforgrophic elements

We also see flat design used in a whimsical manner

“Made to order” illustration produced by the creatives at blacktop

3) Bold/ 3D Typography

Love typography and animation?

Here is your inspirational fix: his name is Chris LaBrooy and he’s kick a**. It is something seen more digitally than printed, but still makes for a bold statement!

LaBrooy uses CGI to create these amazing typographical and architectural pieces.



Work by Ben Wiseman


4) Hand Illustrated Art

To those gifted & talented illustrators, I salute you. You have the ability to share to the world your imagination through pure originality. We are seeing many illustrations being used in handcrafted invitation design, print design, branding, identity and now web design in 2016.



5) Modern Calligraphy 

Hitting Instagram and Facebook  videos every, calligraphy (specifically modern calligraphy) has gotten very popular for ceremony’s and event promotions. It is a script that is seen so delicately and light. My favorite thing about this script is the ability to pair it with san-serif typefaces. Adding a san-serif typeface with a script typeface adds attitude…and overall…it just works together perfect.


Easy Tiger in KCMO  West Bottoms

Concluding, this fall we are not afraid of color pop with neon and we still add pastel color palette to projects that need a soft touch. We are using Cinema 3D not only to render rooms  and object – but to create bold statements within typography and motion graphics.

We are creatives and we are filled with attitude.


Thanks for the read, now go  observe the world around you and see what catches your attention.😉 You are welcome. Until next time!


Published by Claudia Sierra