I fall in and out of writer's block more times now than I have in my entire history of expressing myself through words, regardless if it was a poem or a simply rant about what frustrated me to the core.

​Grief has played a big part in my absence often, mostly because it's always present in your mind and it feels like a dark cloud of nostalgia and sadness, both of which affect me in different ways, depending on how you deal with it. I think a lot of people can relate to that, for the most part anyway. Emotions used to bring out the creativity in me, but now all it does is overwhelm my metacognition of the mind and the way it works.

​Not sure where I'm going with this, the brain is a bundled mess and so I am too. But the point of this post is to always know that it's okay to be less than that, and to acknowledge your own self-worth, because sometimes we forget the most important things in life, and the vital parts of which we used to live by.

​I hope it gradually improves. And for anyone who's struggling at all, your bravery is known.

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Published by Mila Christiansen