This cat's refusal to accept a rub makes for a more adorable occasion than a purring submission. The delicate kitten fight that ensues shows us that you don't have to be an easy kitty to make our hearts melt. 



Babies of any species capture our attention

Whether it's a kitten or a puppy, young mammals especially, make our biological instincts kick in and nurture the little ones into pacification and joy. Anything furry and cute makes you want to say "Awwee" and smile. This pure bundle of fluff and joy is adorable at an expert level. Though they bite and claw at the hand that feeds them, their tiny paws of anger are filled with adorable. Just the way a mate can fight with you but you can't stay mad at them because they're so cute when they're angry. They've got the right quality of adorable, and so does this kitten, if it could be taught this one would be a master. 





Published by Blake Gardner