Our look at the drama pilots for 2017 moves on to the CW, with perhaps the most surprising group of potential shows.

While many fans of the net were excited about the pitches the net had to choose from, the final selections for pilot season came as a surprise for many, and left some calling for head of network head Mark Pedowitz.  And, if the new shows tank, the calls for his head will only get louder.

There is at least one pick up that was widely expected, though perhaps not widely anticipated.  It seemed like almost a forgone conclusion that the Dynasty reboot would get the green light.  But as Season Zero asks in this review of the pilot, is there really that many CW fans who care at all about the original Dynasty?  Melrose Place probably inspired more intere4st amongst the nets fans, and we all know how that reboot turned out. 

Another pickup that wasn’t a big surprise is Searchers, the story of a brother and sister who learn that their mothers strange stories may not have been fiction, and go on a hunt for the truth.  Perhaps this could be the network’s long desired Supernatural companion (and presumably eventual replacement)?

The surprising pickups include the networks newest dramedy, joining a slate of shows that have been critically praised but have never broken through in the ratings.  Life Sentence follows a woman who learns that her terminal diagnosis was incorrect, and must live with the choices she made when she thought she was about to die.  The casting for the show has been widely praised, leading to some hope that this might be the dramedy that finally breaks through in the ratings.

 Insatiable, which some sources call a dramedy, though others say is a thriller, follows a lawyer turned male beauty pageant coach (based on a real person), who takes on a bullied teen as a new student, unaware of the vengeance the teen has in mind.  People are pretty unanimously mocking the CW for picking this one up, but you never know, a compelling character seeking Revenge could find an audience.

The network’s other two pilots are even more surprising.  First we have Valor, a drama taking place on a US army base.  It seems like every network is going for a military pilot this year, but it seems like a really odd fit at the CW.  That isn’t a real issue with the final pilot, yet another superhero showBlack Lightning is the latest DC hero to get a shot at the network, and it seems like it could be one hero too many.  If picked up it will at least bring some diversity to the network, and the hero being an older man with a grown family will create a different dynamic than what we see on any of the current DC show.  But still, was there really no pitch that deserved a shot at going to pilot before a fifth DC superhero show?

Published by Andrew Clendening