Another da, another dolla.

Today is the family chat - I did originally want to put this on the main blog then realised that would be a little too inappropriate.

Ever since exams have finished my parents have really been getting on my nerves - just little personality quirks that have always been there but I'd gotten over for the last few years. As a kid I dunno I wasn't always best pals with my parents - way too confrontational with my dad and the such. 

Then it got better, I was less of a shithead and had better things to do than argue with my parents.

Now exams are over I dunno it's just annoying, mother's "narcissism" and inquisitiveness has gone from cute to just annoying. And my dad has always been someone who always has to be correct, buts in his own little opinions when they're not needed and deluded beyond belief as to his own omniscience. 

I do love them, really do. But at times it's suffocating at how controlling it all is. I've never really been able to do what I want to do, it's always sly nudges from them to go along with their own plan. 

An inability for me to do me is what is most annoying. I've gone through this whole self journey thing, I have my job and all. I've become more confident and self assured but never really shown my parents so they're convinced I'm a sod who can't do anything for himself. So I'm convinced I can do quite a lot of things on my own and my parents are convinced I can't do anything. I spent hours trying to get mother to let me take a plane to amsterdam on my own. She wouldn't let me go on summer camps because she was terrified I'd die on the train journey or even let me cycle across the city because I'm too immature. 

It's just frustrating all in all - to not do what I know I can. Perhaps this is just teenage cockiness but I doubt it- I'm hardly asking for much.

They say it'll end when I turn 18 but I highly doubt it - it's hardly like her opinions will change on a time as soon as I reach my 18th cycle around the sun. So yeah not looking good, but once uni happens I'll be free - kinda. 

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