Okay, so let me start by saying I enjoyed Crystallum, the first book in the Primordial Principles series, a lot, but I LOVED Daemoneum!

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Boulder, Colorado is too quiet, and no one needs to remind Cole Spires how unnatural that is.

In the aftermath of Dracon’s death, the Daemoneum have gone into hiding. Every known Hive has been shut down and evacuated, and for the first time in Cole’s memory, the Brotherhood, Kinship, and all common houses across the country and abroad are considering lockdown. Leygates are being systematically closed around the world, and the Primordial are waiting …

In the bunker underneath the Brotherhood, Kade Sparrow is as safe as she can possibly be, or that's the idea, but no one can explain how her Astrum necklace found its way into her bedroom. There were no footprints, no traces of breaking and entering, no evidence of any kind that someone had infiltrated the Brotherhood common house. Yet the necklace still sat on her night stand, wound in a perfect circle of gold, the tiny star glinting on its chain. And the only person who could have put it there … is dead.

In the second installment of The Primordial Principles, strange occurrences are happening across the globe. Relationships will be tested, old players will become new, foes will turn into allies, and an unlikely adversary will force Cole and Kade to go on the run.

As the fallen rise, the Primordial must unite as one.

Or all could be lost.


I fell even more in love with the Primordial Principles series after reading Daemoneum. Laney McMann has created a world and characters who are captivating. The story has the perfect balance of action, fantasy, and romance.

Kade and Cole's relationship really progresses in this book, which I really enjoyed experiencing. Kade still gets extremely jealous of Cole's past with Tiffany, which I can sort of understand because we all get jealous at times. At the same time, we all have a past and Cole is literally risking EVERYTHING protecting Kade, so I felt bad for Cole when he had to deal with her crying and stomping out of the Opera when she found out Cole had been there with Tiffany before. I mean come on taking Tiffany to the Opera was arranged by his grandfather and taking Kade was arranged by Heru as a distraction so they could escape Verona. It's not like he was purposefully taking her somewhere he had taken Tiffany. Give the guy a break.

One of my favorite parts of the book were the tidbits that relate back to mythology and the gods. Finding out about Heru and Osiris and their relationship to Cole helps explain how he is such a powerful primori. The biggest shock to me though was the discovery that Giselle was in fact one of Dracon's test subjects as a baby. I feel bad that Giselle feels like such at outcast in her family, but I hope that she will find some peace and accept herself now that she knows the truth.

The only issue I have with finishing Daemoneum is that I have to wait until 2017 to for the next book in the series to come out. I can't wait for it to be released and find out what happens next!

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