I love to see the daffodils in the spring.  They seem to be the first flower to take over and bring colour and brightness to the departing drabness of late winter.  It does disappoint me however, when they shrivel and die.  I know other flowers take over and throughout the summer there is always some flower that is in bloom.  But eventually they all wither and die.

    Janie West Metzgar penned these words, “I am going to a city,  Where the streets with gold are laid; Where the tree of life is blooming, And the roses never fade.”  It’s a simple thought, but a wonderful one, a place where roses never fade.

    Roses are the one flower that seem to be appropriate to send on very special occasions, the problem with them however, is that they die quickly.  Once cut and put in a vase they seem to wither within  a week.  Even if left on the bush, the individual flowers do not seem to last as long as others.

    In Ezekiel 4:12 we are told of a place that has plants “whose leaf shall not fade.”  What a wonderful place that will be.

Published by Ray Richards