A bitter-sweet spirit that pumps energy into me every passing day, coffee is certainly my fuel for life. Refreshing my lazy mind, this daily cup of coffee has been creating wonders for several years now. Known for its high energy and active feel, coffee is undoubtedly the most popular beverage, enjoying undivided attention and extensive popularity. Soothing my senses and preparing me for the next big adventure of the day, this early morning date with the cup is certainly one of the best moments. While wondering about the activities of the day and pushing myself from sleep, happy thoughts about coffee can keep me motivated.

     As an integral part of my life, blending coffee with flow of words is my form of expressing love towards this hot drink. Though savored as a wake-up call every morning, coffee certainly does a lot more. By offering its typical essence, coffee generates motivational thoughts in mind. Though challenges of a new day wait at the doorstep, coffee has the power to fill positivity in my system. While coffee is essential for the great start of a new journey, one date with this beverage can sustain my spirits all day long.

     Coffee has a unique effect that cannot be replicated by any other comfort food. With an interesting impact that can touch the nerves, coffee certainly knows the tricks for relaxation. While mornings are filled with chaos and confusion of fast-paced activities, coffee does a wonderful job to calm me down. With its typical bitter taste that blends along with little sweetness, coffee delivers novel experiences to the heart. Communicating in its own unique way, I always feel that the cup inspires me to slow down and contemplate. By inviting continuous flow of positive thoughts, coffee radiates energy for the further course of actions.

     Coffee seems to possess an unexplained power that forces me to retrospect about the previous day, while encouraging me for the next one. Besides an immense affection for my daily course of regular coffee, I enjoy experimenting with different brands and different cafeterias all around. Powered with my love for travelling, exploration of different cities and locations offer the exciting opportunity of trying out varied styles of coffee.

   With interesting variations and different combinations, coffee provides range of options for its lovers. Exploring every variety leads to a unique experience. Offering wide array of benefits, coffee is certainly my bitter-sweet spirit for life. Though a regular beverage with a usual purpose, I find myself connected to this wonder. As a strong bond that attaches me to its joy, coffee seems to be the best solution to every trouble.

Do you experience a similar bond with your cup or you detest the drink?

Do you enjoy the sweet effects that follow the bitter taste or gulp it down as a regular activity each day?


While you ponder about your version of story with coffee, let me frame down some helpful pointers, originating from my own experiences!

  1. Coffee charges me each passing day, pumping energy for the course ahead.


      2. Coffee has a motivational power that pushes me towards happiness and joy.


     3.  With its unique flavor of encouragement, coffee can fill my day with positivity.


      4.  As the first factor that greets me for the new day, coffee provides comfort for the nerves.


     5.   Touching my mind with happiness, coffee prompts me to look at the endless possibilities.


     6.    A ray of hope that reaches my heart every day, coffee is certainly the best solution for laziness.


     7.   Coffee has the power to influence my mood, as a date with this drink can set a straight path!


        As a unique way to express my love, I hope this post has solved the purpose. Enjoy your drink and ponder about your experiences, after all as a regular feature of your life, coffee truly deserves this attention!


Published by Lavanya