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Have you ever heard of We Heart It? This is one of the biggest influences on the Internet and social media, at least for me. I have it since, like 6th grade and I visit it every day. “We Heart It is my therapy” is something I read many times online, and I began to wonder what the hell that means. This was, lets say before high school, when I started to read more, not just books, but on the Internet also. Besides many room decors and high-end clothes, I hearted many quotes on WHI and while I was reading them I realized how they could change my mood. Soon, whenever I felt sad and didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about it I knew that this was going to help me.    

Someone may say this is an obsession, but, I don’t know, some people are obsessed with drugs, as Daniel Radcliffe said. It never effected me in the way like people who would be non stop on Facebook. In fact in contrary, you can only get motivated. There are some quotes that just change your life, mind and soul. I definitely think that it made me grow. 


My ultimate quotes



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Which one  do you like the most? Did you feel something changed inside of you while reading these quotes? I hope I left some impression! If you liked this post be sure to like it, share it, leave me some comments and follow my blog!

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