I would describe myself as a regular FanDuel player; especially when it comes to baseball. I'll play in at least one league a night and sometimes more depending on if there's a pitching match up I like or not. Now before you start thinking I'm some big time gambler who throws money around right and left I rarely put more than a $1 on a game. There are times I'll bet $2 on a line up, but those games are few and far between. I actually decided one night I would try and enter one of the $5 tournaments. I set my line up and was waiting for the games to get started and oddly the league I joined didn't fill up; so I got my $5 back.  

Now there are quite a few strategies to daily fantasy. I've always leaned to finding the hot hitter and trying to build my line up around guys who are on a good streak. It's important to try and catch a guy at the start of or in the middle of his streak. You don't want t be on the player who's at the end of his streak and you've got him in a line up when he takes and 0 for. I know people who play the hitter against the pitcher he's facing that night. They try and find the best match up over a history of these two players facing each other. Of course you may have read about the college student from Notre Dame who made a computer algorithm to pick players. I've often wondered if FanDuel changed their scoring system this season to make it tougher for people like that. One of the strategies that seems to be making a bit of a comeback is called stacking.  

On FanDuel you can select a maximum of 4 players from a team for an entry. Stacking is where you find the game of the night that you think the most runs will be scored in and load up on players from that game or stack your line up. I haven't had a ton of success with this technique, but I know people who live and die by it. On Sunday mornings from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. I do a podcast with my friend who we refer to as Mr. Fantasy. We set the podcast up around building the best daily fantasy baseball line up on FanDuel. When the football season starts we do those line ups as well. Anyway Mr. Fantasy has been using the stacking technique as of late. Last night (Tuesday) he had a line up centered around the Cincinnati Reds who where playing the Miami Marlins and he thought the Reds would put up some runs.  His choices where Catcher Tucker Barnhart who scored 32.2 points,1st baseman  Joey Votto had 9.7 points while 2nd baseman Tony Renda and 3rd baseman Eugenio Suarez each scored 6.2 points. Sadly this stacked line up didn't get into the money, but that doesn't mean the strategy doesn't work.

There was a tournament I was in a week or two ago where the guy who won the entire thing had an interesting stacked line up. There was a game on the schedule that night with the San Francisco Giants taking on the Miami Marlins. The starting pitching match up was Johnny Cueto (Giants) against Jose Fernandez (Marlins). With this pitching match up on the board I stayed away from using players in this game. I don't remember off the top of my head how my team did in that particular tournament, but the guy who won the whole thing and took home $1000 had a line up with 4 Giants and 4 Marlins in it. I'd love to know what made this person go with that type of a line up, but it worked and they got a good payday for it. 

There's a couple of times where a stacked line up worked and didn't work. If you're a daily fantasy player do you use the stacking strategy? If not how do you handle setting up your daily fantasy line up?

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Published by John Burke