Achieve Flawless, Glowing Skin With My NEW Amazing Skincare Routine. My Skin Has Never Given Me Problems, But Clean Skin Is Happy Skin And I’ve Always Been Searching For A Good Routine. Also, Sometimes A Girl Needs A Boost! My Face Has Never Felt So Clarified And Moisturized Before This Routine! Satisfy Your Skins Cravings By Soaking Into This Post.

My Skin Type: Normal/Oily

Routine Usage: Morning


Micellar Cleansing Water Is One Product With A List Of Different Uses. It Removes All Types Of Make-Up, Cleanses, And Refreshes Your Skin. This Cleansing Water Is Beneficial To All Skin Types. It Should Be Used On A Disposable Cotton Pad And Should Not Be Used Harshly.

TrendSketches Tip: Shake Shake Shake! Shake Your Micellar Cleansing Water To Activate And Get The Most Out Of The Product.

TrendSketches Tip: Use A Spray Bottle Or Apply Water To Your Palms And Massage To Make The Oil Easier To Use.

Alright! The Make-Up Is Gone And I'm Bare Faced. But, Oil From My Foundation Has Sunk Into My Skin, Dirt And Pollution Has Invaded My Face, And My Pores Are Slowly Clogging. That Is Not What Anyone Wants, So The Next Cleanser (And My Favorite) Is Burt Bee’s “Soap Bark & Chamomile” Deep Cleansing Cream. This Cleanser Is 99.9% Natural And Smells Like A Fresh Chamomile Flower. This Cleanser Is No Joke, It Opens Your Pores And Gives Your Face A Fresh, Cool Sensation.

I Wet My Face With Water, Then Apply The Product Generously All Over My Face, And Massage Gently. Afterwards, A Damp Washcloth Is Used To Remove The Product.

TrendSketches Tip: Leave On Cleanser For 1-3 Minutes. This Product Contains A Tiny Bit Of Menthol, So The Sensation Can Be Overpowering.

Wooh! My Face Feels Amazing, And The Cool Sensation Lasts For At Least 20 Minutes. The Routine Is Then Sped Up Because I Want To Lock All The Moisture And Natural Components In My Skin. So, The Next Item I Use Is The “Peaches And Clean” Deep Cleansing Milk By Soap & Glory. This Multi-Functional Cleanser Is The Real Deal. It Applies Smoothly And Smell Like Juicy Peaches. The Milk Purifies Your Skin, Makes You Feel E

nergized, And Can Also Be Used To Remove Makeup. This Cleanser Does Pump Out Very Little Product, So A Lot Has To Be Pumped To Get A Useful Amount. I Massage It Into My Skin For Less Than A Minute, Then I Proceed To Wipe It Off With The Same Damp Washcloth.

TrendSketches Tip: Both Burt’s Bees And Soap & Glory Cleanser Open The Pores And Leave A Tingling Sensation. This Step Can Be Skipped Or Could Be Done First.

Skin Feeling Better Already! All The Makeup Has Been Melted Off, The Oil And Gunk From The Day Has Been Detoxed Away, So Now It’s Time To Moisturize. Moisturizing Your Skin Is Probably The Most Important Thing When It Comes To Skincare. It Makes The Face Softer And Keeps Your Skin Hydrated. An All-Time Favorite Of Mine Is The Clarifying Lotion From Clinique. It’s An Exfoliator That Does Tingle A Lot When Applied. One Thing That Disappoints Is That It’s The Texture Of Water And There Is No Pump So It Has To Be Poured. It Does Pour Fast So Being Careful Is Key. All I Do Is Rub It In. We’re Halfway There!

TrendSketches Tip: Pour A Small Amount In Your Hand And Pat Into Your Face Before Rubbing It In.

Mario Badescu, How About You? This Facial Spray Has All The Components To Give Your Skin A Flawless, Delectable Finish. In It Is Aloe, Herbs, And Rosewater. This Rejuvenating Spray Can Used To Set Your Make-Up Or Give You A Boost. I Apply The Spray A Few Inches From My Face And Massage It In. It Gives You A Luminous And Velvety Glow.

TrendSketches Tip: Three Pumps Is Enough To Cover Your Face Without Soaking It. The Liquid Is Not Heavy On The Face And Enters The Skin Gracefully.

This Moisturizer Has Slayed My Existence. Clinique’s “Turnaround Overnight” Revitalizing  Moisturizer Is The Absolute Key To Life. I Use It Twice A Day To Give My Face Maximum Hydration. This Jar Does Crack Easily, So Be Careful Using. It Also Is A Little High In Price Compared To Size.

Lastly, I Use My Inexpensive Hydrating Honeysuckle Oil By Measurable Difference. The Bottle Is Aesthetically Pleasing; There’s Literally Honeysuckle Floating Around In The Product. You Can See How Fantastic Your Skin Looks After Using It. I Use Two Drops Under My Eyelids Then Rub It In.

TrendSketches Tip: The Oil Is Administered Via Pipette And A Little Goes A Long Way Because It Can Easily Get Messy. Also, No Matter How Much Product Your Skin Will Feel Like There’s An Layer Of Fluid On Top.

BONUS - One Of My Favorite Items Is The Watermelon Lip Scrub By Fizz & Bubble. This Lip Scrub Works Effectively When It Comes To Ridding Of Dead Skin And Chapped Lips, Which Will Be A Problem During Winter. And The Best Part Is You Can Lick It For A Delicious Watermelon Taste.

And Trenders That Is It! This Skincare Routine Works, I Have Gotten So Many Compliments On My Skin And I Now Have The Confidence To Be Bare Faced. Let Me Know If You’d Like Another Skincare Routine On My Blog, And As Always Like And Share The Official TrendSketches Blog!

Published by Nikkol Baker