I read a poster once that said, ‘Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening’.  What it says is don’t be inhibited by those around you.  If you want to sing, then sing.  If you want to dance, then dance.  Those around you should not dictate how or when you sing and dance.  I partially agree with it, but would like to change it slightly.  ‘Dance like God is the only one watching and sing like God is the only one listening.’

    If we dance and sing for others, there will surely be those who will criticize.  If we do it for ourselves we may still not be satisfied with the result.  We can be sure that He will cheer us on and give us a standing ovation if it is for Him that we have done it.

    Psalms 149:3 says, “Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.”(KJV)  God  wants us to sing and dance before Him.  He does not see and hear with eyes and ears, but instead with His heart.  If the heart is right, the singing and dancing will be wonderful to Him.

Published by Ray Richards