Dance Moms season 6, episode 24- Nia & Kendall face off.

I think this episode should have a cloud looming over it with a big fat ‘I told you so’ etched into it.

 We all knew Abbey’s shiny new start wouldn’t last for long and we officially made it one and a half episodes into the new season before it all fell apart.

Pyramid didn’t give us anything we weren’t expecting. Brynn was on the bottom of the pyramid for being a cry baby and I was pleased Kalani was on top of the pyramid, she deserves a bit of credit.

Two trios this week. Kendall, Jojo and Kalani vs. Nia and two unknown boys Abbey has brought in once again. CAN WE JUST HAVE THE GIRLS PLEASE? I know we are 2 team members down, but that doesn’t mean the team are incapable of producing a winning number without some additions to the numbers, especially with boys. I let out a huge disgruntled sigh when Abbey announced they would be in the group dance too. What could two boys possibly add to a Madonna themed dance?

This week’s episode mainly focused on Nia. Finally she was given some time to show everyone what she’s got! YAY.  It was all going so well until... enter Nia’s manager and the moment the episode went from YAY to NAY.

Holly is on a high from her successful summer with Nia and this has clearly made her a little delusional. The number one rule we have learnt in Dance Moms is, if you want more than what Abbey is giving you and you seek help elsewhere – DO NOT LET ABBEY FIND OUT OR FLAUNT IT IN HER FACE, she will be pissed. You could just tell by Abbey’s tone, she was putting on an act when Nia’s Manager arrived and she invited her into the trio rehearsal. Clearly Nia’s manager hasn’t watched many episodes either. She started off well, thanking Abbey, and Abbey seemed to respond to the positive start of the conversation – as we all know, Abbey likes to take all the credit she can. Then my head went in my hands as she started to ask for more from Abbey. Oh dear. Abbey hit back with the fire she has been holding back the whole time, with some awful comment about Nia’s legs and knees. HERE WE GO.

Bye nice Abbey, hello drama.

We didn’t see much of Kendall’s trio in rehearsal, but that’s ok. Onto the group dance.

Madonna, why? That is my first question. Character dance, why? That is my second.

This all just feels like a big boring repeat of last week and there is clearly some disappointment from the kids and the Moms over the style of the dance, understandably. However, they keep hush-hush because they want to keep Abbey happy.

On top of this, the Mums agree to stick together this week and throw the drama out of the window. HURRAYYYY!! Finally. I know this is Dance Moms and we live for the drama but it makes me so happy to see the drama between Abbey and the Moms rather than with each other. Poor Jessalynn, I think her personal news gave the Moms perspective this week and it drew them together as a team.

The Moms are right, the girls do need more technique and Abbey is covering this up in the group dances with characters, theatre, gimmicks and THE BOYS to gain points. To maintain such high levels of technique to compete, these girls need at least a couple of hours a day of ballet and technique class. Without this precision, how can the girls compete against amazing teams with a lyrical piece at competition?! This is clearly, the root of all the problems.

Jill dares to ask Abbey for more classes – probably because she saw the HORRENDOUS  character Madonna wig Kendall had to wear that week!! Abbey hits back, with ZERO ownership of her dancers or her dance company and blames the girls for not training in their spare time over the summer?! It’s called summer break for a reason Abbey, it is their lack of training throughout the year that’s killed them and that’s YOUR responsibility. SIGH. Holly sticks up for Nia and gets back a middle finger and a terrible comment about Nia’s thighs. How dare she, no dance teacher or anyone should use that as an insult.


I absolutely loved seeing Jessalynn step up to the plate and she did a fabulous job of prepping the girls! GO MOMS.

Abbey’s angels trio was alright. I’m not sure why it was meant to be Kendall’s trio because Kalani absolutely SLAYED and OWNED IT and was front and centre for most of the dance. Kalani brought so much sophistication and character to the number, which made up for Jojo’s lack of these things but she is a little younger, so maybe we will let her off. The costumes were not ‘EN POINTE’ ;) they should have been all in black, like Kalani’s bodysuit. They got second and this didn’t surprise me.

Nia's trio was enjoyable and I enjoyed seeing Nia in the spotlight. I felt like there could have been a little more acting on her behalf but she definitely did the best she could with the choreography and the boys. I thought the boys were a bit useless once again, they just aren't on the same level as these girls. When I see Nia's music videos, she looks older, confident and sophisticated. She is clearly capable and has a lot of sass to bring, so I don't know why Abbey doesn't match this in her competition pieces. She beat the girls trio and took first place, good for Nia!

The group dance was enjoyable but juvenile once again. The boys added little to the Madonna routine, and lay still on the floor for a significant amount of time I noticed!! The costumes were terrible, (what has happened to the costuming?!) but as always the girls managed to make the choreography look effortless and fun. I really want to see them challenged and pushed, that's the only way they will get better! The group routine placed second overall.

Not looking forward to moody Abbey and the minis next episode!!

B x


Published by Beth Hallett