A Dandelion has a form of two lives. The first of its life the flower is a bright yellow color.

Yet as you snip the flower from its stem the second transition in the flower’s life is to come.

In that exact same spot, a white fluffy flower grows. Beautifully created. This flower has tiny petals that break loose easily giving it the ability to live on forever and ever. Because once you grab that white fluffy dandelion from its stem you can blow on the flower’s petals sending each tiny petal loosely into the sky; the flower becomes on going floating in the blue skies landing in some child’s hand for hopes and wishes.

I’ve decided to compare the dandelion to our human life. We as humans have two forms of life. The flesh which in this case is the yellow flower, and spirit which is the White fluffy flower. Once the flesh dies the flower, Spirit lives on forever and ever.

How amazing; how beautifully created.



-Cierra Crews

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews