It’s called dark money friends and yes, it is legal per the Supreme Court, but it’s about the dirtiest form of politics in our History.  Each of these organizations harboring the dirty money of course go under names that would make one believe they’re social welfare organizations established for the good of the people. 

According to Kantar Media CMAG data these groups have spent about 213 million dollars on political ads

There’s many out there but here are names of a few of these dark money groups.  Right to Rise, Conservative Solutions Project and Keep the Promise l, ll and lll.    

Just for the record Jeb Bush in all his smiling and smoozing of Americans called out Trump on the eminent domain law, but what about Bush’s dark money that’s stashed in an organization called “Right to Rise.  

Trump is correct, if it weren’t for eminent domain we would not have railways, freeways or pipelines.  Trump did try to use eminent domain, but he walked away and unlike Cruz would have you believe he didn’t bull doze an elderly ladies property.  In fact her property went on the auction block!

Bush has the guts to call Trump out on imminent domain but what about his secret little dark money group hiding behind closed doors, tax exempt with very, very deep pockets.  There are no limits to the size of contributions that go to Right to Rise and donors names are secretly kept quiet. 

This explains why Bush didn’t have to concentrate on a lot of fundraisers – his money was being collected before he even threw his hat into the Presidential race.  Below are a few sites you might want to check out, because this dark money is like the energizer bunny it’s everywhere and it just keeps going and going.

Jeb Bush staffing non-campaign through dark money 'non ...

Daily Kos

May 12, 2015 - Bush is using the dark money, "nonprofit" Right to Rise Policy Solutions organization founded in Arkansas by former WalMart executive Will  ...

How Dark Money Shields Political Donors - Newsweek

Jun 30, 2015 - How Dark Money Shields Political Donors ..... And Jeb Bush's Right to Rise organization is reportedly on track to raise $100 million for his  ...

Michigan is the dark money capital of American politics

Oct 27, 2015 - Michigan is the dark money capital of American politics ... Jeb Bush's super PAC Right to Rise had raised more than $100 million by June 30th. .... of money from the Joyce Foundation a liberal organization based in Chicago.

Michigan is the “dark money capital of American politics ...

Next is Mr. Marco Rubio who gets on his soapbox in front of Americans and says, “I have always supported disclosure,” referring to campaign donations.

Every pro-Rubio television commercial so far in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina has been paid for not by his campaign or even by a super PAC that identifies its donors, but instead by a nonprofit called Conservative Solutions Project.  It's also sending Rubio-boosting mail to voters in those same states. By Associated Press   by JULIE BYKOWICZ  Oct. 8, 2015 12:11 PM EDT

Last but not least is Senator Ted Cruz – he’s in bed with a “dark money” group called “Keep the Promise.”   In fact Mr. Cruz has 4 of these dark money groups.  Keep the Promise PAC, Keep the Promise I, Keep the Promise II, and Keep the Promise III and the grand total hovers around 38 million dollars. 

So far these fantastic dark money PACs haven’t parted with much money for Cruz, but they may be waiting for South Carolina, because Ted is going to need an injection of cash to go against Trump, Rubio and Bush. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  Well, the Republicans & Democrats wonder why Americans don’t trust them – it’s pretty simple because they sneak, hide, lie and misrepresent everything.  The “insiders” Rubio, Bush and Cruz are part of the Washington Cartel and that’s the end of the story. 

Cruz is a staunch Conservative, but look what he did to Dr. Carson in Iowa and look at his ad saying Trump bull doze an elderly ladies property.  Need I say more…?  Its obvious Ted has been around the block and knows all about “dirty politics & dark money.”

Scarborough: Rubio's 'Dark Money' Brought Down Christie

Published by Marcia Wood