'Their scorching, sensual affair ended in heartbreak and recrimination, but Christian Grey cannot get Anastasia Steele out of his mind, or his blood. Determined to win her back, he tries to suppress his darkest desires and his need for complete control, and to love Ana on her own terms.

But the horrors of his childhood still haunt him, and Ana’s scheming boss, Jack Hyde, clearly wants her for himself. Can Christian’s confidant and therapist, Dr. Flynn, help him face down his demons? Or will the possessiveness of Elena, his seducer, and the deranged devotion of Leila, his former submissive, drag Christian down into the past?

And if Christian does win Ana back, can a man so dark and damaged ever hope to keep her?'

This book surprised me.

Retelling the story of 50 Shades Darker from Christian's point of view instead of Ana's. I really enjoyed seeing Christian's point of view, I actually preferred Christian as a narrator over Ana.

I really loved seeing what was going on in Christian's life and seeing the minor characters in Ana's story becoming more important in Christian's story.

Christian's point of view is much darker and haunting then Ana's and I really felt for him in a deeper way while reading this book. Seeing him battle with his inner demons whilst dealing with nightmares and the trauma of his childhood made for some really emotional reading.

I understand why people have issues with this book, the plot is the same so you do know what is coming and where it is going, but honestly, that doesn't take away from the heart of this story.

I genuinely believe Darker is the best book in the series, both original and new books.

E.L. James did a fantastic job in capturing the emotional turmoil that Christian goes through in this story, as well as solidifying the relationships between him and his family and friends. These relationships have a completely different feel in this book and I really appreciated these changes.

Darker by E.L. James is not to be missed. In fact, it may just surprise you.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker