Light gave birth to her. Light owned her. All things bright and sunny.

Day by day, Passion and Darkness watched. They watched her blossom into a beauty. Passion became fond of her; she, too, became fond of passion. She became more fond of Passion than Darkness. So Darkness retreated, where he could wallow in his solitude.

One day,  Passion became the ruin for the girl, Passion destroyed her, took everything she had, leaving nothing behind. Sobbing in between weeping, the girl went to her mother, Light but it was busy  sending sunshine to people so off to the Deep, Dark Woods she went. She reached as far as the Moors, near the cliff. She was about to jump, but Darkness saw her, touched her shoulder and they locked in tight embrace. 

Darkness knew even though the girl did not tell. They found a rock under a tree where they dropped in weariness. Darkness took her head in his shoulder and they sat in silence. No words had to be said, only the gust of the wind and the cooing animals.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo