Everyone is familiar with Lil Yachty, right? How quickly his career kicked off after his song in a six-second video on vine went viral. Social media is the future, and it is no longer a secret that social media is growing as a bigger and better market each day. It provides a platform to connect with more people and lets you build your career quickly and in the super cost-efficient way when the right influencers and strategies are in place.

One such American based digital marketing startup is Mic Check Global, founded by Darris Robins in 2013. Mic Check Global creates highly engaging content coupled with strategic niche targeting to match your product and demographics to increase your sales. When Mic Check Global is discussed, it is merely impossible not to mention the humble beginnings of Darris Robins.

Darris Robins had an interest in playing and composing music since an early age. To pursue a career in music, he decided to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. Unfortunately, he had to drop out of college due to the growing debt of more than $100K in student loans. This led him to focus more on generating sales from marketing his music online. The use of social media platforms to market music with a deeper insight into demographics, helped Darris Robins earn a massive presence on social media, which attracted an exponential amount of people.

After gaining experience and insight of how to reach the target audience that converted into sales on social media, he started supporting local artists around his town by doing freelance marketing for them. Darris also started a vlog/interview series, which later became the foundation of his Mic Check Global venture.

Mic Check Global is not only the answer to your promotional needs but one stop solution to all your pre-production to post-production timeline. The amount of time and funds required to run a campaign is huge. The need for an experienced campaigner like Darris Robins makes all the difference. Mic Check Global helps you create custom plans that have services suited to your needs. This reduces the overall cost and eliminates the unnecessary services that add very little to your campaign.

Audience demographics play a major role in marketing and promotional strategies. You cannot sell your music to people who have little to no taste in the kind of music you create. You have to target your preferred audience, and this is where Mic Check Global specializes in. They have a whole range of strategies and services that optimizes your campaign. Be it increasing your followers, reach or engagement on social media platforms to running ads, and marketing your product, Mic Check Global does it all.

After Mic Check Global, Darris Robins subsequently launched Mic Check Global Films in 2015 to create visual content for branding business products and services on social media platforms. In 2016, Kial McClendon took the position of Sales Rep Manager under the mentorship of Darris Robins and became a pillar in the success of the company. Surprisingly, he was once a client of Mic Check Global but drifted towards sales and marketing after he knew that they were his passion.

Darris Robins and his team at Mic Check Global emphasizes on becoming more than a regular agency whose purpose is to give the client a perfect solution to digital marketing strategy. They aim to build a genuine relationship with each client, and their priority is to know more about them as a person first, instead of adding various services in their portfolio for the sake of business. Their expertise in enhancing social media presence and transforming it to generate sales has helped musicians and enterprises to grow.

Mic Check Glocal has promoted several artists over the years and helped them achieve the recognition they deserve. Steve Cardenas, the Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is one of their clients. After availing the services from Darris, Steve saw a rise in his social media handles. His Instagram followers increased by 10,000 in under a month with more genuine followers and better opportunities.

Mic Check Global became the first American/Asian Company with an office in Cebu, Philippines to harvest the careers of independent artists who needs a push to promote their work on social media platforms and make a living out of it. Moreover, Mic Check Global is also sponsoring underprivileged students in Cebu who cannot attend private schools due to lack of proper funds.

They are looking forward to providing financial support for the education of more than 100 students by the year 2020.

Darris Robins, who was once a struggling artist himself, knows the hardships that come in the way of getting recognition and making a name in the industry. Therefore, Mic Check Global lives and breathes on the vision of making the dream of each individual come true no matter how big or small they are.

Published by Qais Ahmadi