Yep , you read that correctly. Dead. Dead as a Dodo , As dead as JR Ewing.

Throughout this experiment i haven’t paid a phone bill ,  my phone has been cut off , yet im talking more than ever both socially and privately. How?

WIFI is your friend.

I was paying 44 a month for unlimited data , unlimited calls and unlimited texts

Now i pay nothing for Wifi , Facebook and Messenger calls (I hardly call anyone anyways , as you know) and Icloud and Facebook messenger. All because of free wifi.

This is probably nothing to my thrifty brethren who know ‘Deez tiings’ (in my best Conor Mcgregor impersonation voice), but for a child who was born with a Nokia 3310 in his hand , this is magic. So , nope , might try to get out of this bill. I get everything through Mark Zuckerberg’s fantastic gift to the world.

So in other news i was blessed to go to a charity event on Sunday for the OneUmmah charity , a fantastic charity that goes INTO SYRIA to deliver aid to people caught up in the horrible ordeal there which makes this blog nothing in comparison. Its crazy how actually good we have it , and with the referendum looming , thank your lucky stars to my UK readers that we actually have been blessed to vote. To help our brothers and sisters in Syria ,  i have decided that my next 30 day challenge , walking from my house to penzance and back , will now be a charity challenge with all donations going directly to OneUmmah.

Also , shouts to Rei and all the OneUmmah team , may your deeds be noticed by Allah when returning to the King of Kings Inshallah.

Honestly having 9 days without  money has been a welcome refreshment , you dont honestly know how enjoyable life has become without worry , i recommend this completely in order for you to pursue passions not thought of whilst acquiring wealth. Today telling the manager of GBK about my challenge and being rewarded with a free Oreo Milkshake (Cheat day yuuuuuuuus) and offers of free stuff is awesome , do i go to just eat and be cheeky tonight??? Maybe.I also had the opportunity to have my first free Burger from GBK (Little hint , IT WAS AWESOME) , free , of course (Promotions are a godsend)

400 Twitter competitions , nothing won (IM BEING STUBBORN DAMMIT I WILL WIN SOMETHING)

No haggles , no chances to haggle (This Unemployment stuff is busy times!)

Started testing at Northumbria’s Brain facility in exchange for payment , looking forward to seeing how my brain gets on!

Also started product testing in exchange for products , interested to see how this goes!

Thought i wouldnt bore you with my shopping list so im doing this weekly , all i recommend if you undertake a challenge like mine , be persistent, things are getting good!

Yours in free meat and milkshake

Published by Nathan Barnes