So today, I got back to working on chapter 20 for Succession. I'm starting to edit chapter 18. Still haven't decided on a name for the chapter yet... I will soon, though.

Since I didn't post a Good Music article this week. I'll be posting 2 of them on next Monday!

Still making a few changes on Technagers so I can release on Tumblr and of course on WordPress.

I'm oddly writing short sentences... So let's talk about Succession to make up for it. In chapter 20, I get to explore new emotions with John. Even though Leon  isn't truly his son, he's the closest he will ever get. In this chapter, I get to show how John feels after he thinks he lost him. John hasn't felt the emotion of lost for a long time. I believe since his mother walked out on him and the family. I feel like John always have to put a brave face on and not look broken. Leon's not dead by the way...

Anyways... Getting hair done tomorrow. Best time to write chapter 20. I'll be watching movies all day. Hopefully, I can spark some inspiration.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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