What a wonderful day! Just like yesterday, I was able to tackle writing, art, personal life, and school life.

Even though I'm not done with chapter 19 of succession, I was still able to go on and write chapter 20. I do like how I'm able to explore more of Layla character. I feel like even though she's a princess and she's used to being indoor than outdoors... I feel like she does have a lot to offer.

Haven't fully finished the scene but there's a part I wrote that Layla was dealing with poison. Leon being a macho man is completely shocked about her dealing with that stuff. He's never even dealt with that stuff. (In terms of making it.) So I did like when she handed it to him and was explaining what it was he was just like "oh no get that away from me, I don't want to touch that."

When you guys read chapter 19, you'll get why it took so long. By the way... Any Succession readers? I'm curious to know.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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