odays massive help me out a bunch award goes to the big man Darren Ferguson , who very generously donated chicken in exchange for a USB stick and a few hours helping out at the crib , takes a big man to donate Gains!

So today i have 60p to my name , i went out the night before and spent what i had left on Oats and fish , fun. The bus was not an option , walking 5 miles to town and back was.

Today i also ran out of toilet paper , which honestly was the best thing to happen to anyone ever in the history of anything (we’ll get back to this drama).

Today i also signed on to two mystery shopping agencies , 5 survey sites , 2 voucher shops and emailed a few clients at the university in order for a few paid screening tests.

I made myself a separate twitter account and became the twitter version of a sweet old grandma that loves a freebie , RT and win competitions are the key to success (I entered a competition for a free fish ladle , whatever that is , but it looks fun).

Also managed to get a few matched bets on today which was pretty sweet , that’s an extra £14 from backing and laying (give matched betting a google search , winner!)

That should cover food for a week.

So yeah , about toilet paper. A tradesman’s secret to toilet paper is that big money cooperation’s are surely  not bothered about toilet paper going awry (I think this is more apparent at cheap food places , where its basically a given that the toilet paper will be used exponentially because of ……… yno ……. stuff happening), so throughout my day to make up for the mishap of the morning i tried swindling some free toilet cloth (Yes , this is called LivingOffNothing , i take this seriously Dammit) , task was acheived by visiting two bookmakers and acquiring the goods (first place someone surely beat me to it , second place had an abundance of paper) RESULT! Also , re-evaluate your life if you think taking a little toilet paper from a bookmakers is a crime (Judging from this blog , i think i need to re-evaluate mine, cest lolz ).

So yeah , that was my day , applying for various loopholes around society , meeting big Darren for chicken , walking everywhere and applying for freebies. I also saw an Owl ,  which was awesome. A ‘Hoot’ if you will (BANTER WEEEEEY!)

What was also interesting today , is how i continually thought about how far i could take this , how  i could sound both insane and actually sensible it could be by being so frugal. Seems there’s a status symbol involved with our process of money , and society deems us to be unfit for purpose unless we have a certain amount of wealth.How there are laws for the rich , and a separate for the poor. How benefit addled people are labelled as ‘Dossers and scroungers’ whilst tax dodgers go somewhat under the radar. Guaranteed you’ll be more fuming over White Dee than Lionel Messi………  But i digress  , im tired from the combined 10 miles of walking i did today to profess my inner thought on the whole ideology of currency , and i want this chicken bad.

Tomorrow is a busy one , with Prayer Breakfasts , training and painting taking preference over casually sitting in my house. What is awesome however , is that i was given a ticket by my awesome pals to take in WCPW’s first card in Newcastle , so that takes care of Wednesdays , surely lash several photo’s up , and even may do a review on that massive pile of awesomeness!

Day two standings :

Money spent : £0 (WOOO SPRINGFIELD!) (£13 to spend)

Freebies : Chicken in exchange for things (YERRRSS)

No haggles😦

Tips i could offer  : Sign up for clinical trials ,  search matched betting and mystery shopper services , free bets , money for doing lab science stuff and free food and payment sounds a canny idea.

I think even though this is done from an unemployed perspective , you have to give it time and invest some hours , like in everything.

Plans: Get some seeds and grow some stuff (Pretty self explanatory).

Figure out some recipes that you can make from scratch for 20p and 50P (This will happen)

Earn a quid from Surveys to fund the recipes , might separate a blog entirely devoted to this idea!

Yours in Disposable sanitary towels.


Published by Nathan Barnes