As i have gone through this experiment of living off next to nothing for 30 days , i must admit , getting to the end of the road , i'm really looking forward to eating again!! 

Everything that i set out to do , plan and implement has fallen by the wayside , i'm tired of waking up each morning and eating oats for 3 meals a day , yesterday i had the pleasure of eating Egg Noodles which had a large amount of mold on the side (yummy and binned after realization). It's been incredibly challenging limiting yourself to these little portion sizes and little currency ,i guess the lasting impression of this is that this happens to billions of people worldwide , and that my privilege should be checked daily. 

But the benefit of going through a poverty detox such as this is the added focus i have to achieve personal targets and how to manage my money correctly. I've learnt to step back from mini crisis situations that are created solely around money , i used to have sleepless nights worrying about how to save myself from my debtors , and that used to instill a lot of worry and aided my depression. 

But now , i'm grateful for everything. I'm actually back to being hungry for work , education merit and family goals. If i can look like i do now after 24 days of no money , how good will my body react to constant protein and good carbs?! 

I thought this would be easy when i started out, you know , write a blog , try to beg for a few freebies to eat 

Things i have done whilst on these 24 days which i wouldn't have done otherwise: 

  • Become a Mystery Shopper ( are highly recommended) , free food and cash in exchange for a report. 
  • Become an IstockPhoto contributor ( enabling me 15% of Royalties if my photos are sold.
  • Joined and filled out surveys in exchange for points which have been invested into prize draws (Managed to get a £4 eGift card for Starbucks , Having an iced expresso was utter joy) 

  • Had tips and tricks sent to me from various friends regarding how to make money (Something which will be documented in further blogs) 
  • Learnt how to cope when you don't get the best of news.
  • Applied for Careers which I really want to do
  • Got accepted on a masters program back near home
  • Two blogging sites with readership in 5 continents 
  • Developed another challenge and made a niche.
  • Developed creativity
  • Signed up to clinical trials in exchange for cash 

  • Actually sold something on Ebay 
  • Grown unbelievable confidence in myself 
  • Searched all through my past accounts to find money that has been nestled away 
  • Lost 9lbs
  • Found my GameBoy Advance!! (Hours Of Fun)  

When i set out i had targets to haggle and barter and make funny stuff happen , through lack of energy and general disdain i have somewhat let these fall to the wayside in order to get my academics back on track and the fact I've lost motivation on this task. It has been a challenge but with 6 days to go and with the general positive feedback i have received from my friends , members of the church and people in other fields , i guess this was incredibly worthwhile. 

Back to my Oats. 


(Apologies for images , seems i suck at this width to length stuff) (heee hee hee) 

Published by Nathan Barnes