Well 29 days down of the challenge and one more to go......

Current location : Brothers floor 

Its been a weird 29 days , the highlight being that my phone is now cut off for the foreseeable due to me not stumping up the dollar to clear my bill. A highlight due to the fact before this little challenge , i wouldn't sleep until that bill was paid, guess i'm a little more relaxed now around money and i can deal without this luxury. I don't have it , so it's no problem worrying about it. 

So yeah , brothers floor. 

When i say stuff i endeavor to see it through , no matter how hard or obscure the task is. I have a built in mechanism that makes me a stubborn little shit that likes to make people laugh and wonder what the hell i am doing with my life. Hence why i'm on the floor having had no money to make rent. 

I'm currently writing from a patch on my brothers floor trying to conjure up little stories from these 29 days but alas , i think i'm just kinda burnt from buying reduced stuff and being lenient from little luxuries. This patch will also serve as my bed and my wardrobe for the foreseeable until i find work.

Now you're probably reading this wondering how proud must this 24 year old Man-child's Mother be , that her son is currently making a fort in the middle siblings room in the event of a fun sleep. I can't answer that , but she's a very outspoken person and she would love to tell you i guess. I would probably agree with her that this is not where my 14 year old self thought i would be , i thought i would already have a house , three dogs and a few  chickens and not sleeping on a 17 year old's floor who has a job. Seems God had a different plan. 

But to tell you the truth , this has been a rewarding little challenge. I think i cannot possibly go any lower than this , and i'm enjoying life. Which begs the question of how much would i enjoy life if i had a few luxuries back? How efficient would i be with financial backing thrown in? And how much of a fun story would this be to tell to people? 

It's been awesome to hear that people are enjoying this little blog  , didn't think i would get this reception. This makes it more rewarding, and surely makes this justifiable. My enthusiasm may have waned during this , but hearing people read and then say positive things really makes it interesting! 

In two weeks i will be attempting the same challenge  , but this time making a 780 mile round trip into the mix , no luxuries , no hotels and no car rides. I feel that we can still travel and have fun as humans without depending on money but we use the excuse of having no money to outcast our enjoyment. Well , that's the theory anyway! Then i have 3 weeks to find a job , a flat and get to work on this second masters degree. 

Constantly challenge yourself , Impossible is a state of mind , nothing is off limits and your perception is not concrete. Run Free and all that Yoko Ono stuff......


Published by Nathan Barnes