These days, I've been feeling like I am always tired, always ready to fall into my bed for a 24-hour nap.
But I can't. I've been waking up with purpose every morning these days...even though I long for a caffeine IV. Even though there are times where what I'm  doing feels like it has no definite direction.

But there's something much greater's like a crack within the ground that's been filled with bright, flowing lava. and that lava won't stop flowing. That lava is the love I'd been holding - from myself, and from others - and it needed to bleed through. 2016 has done nothing short of that job. Bringing my truth forward, leaving behind a girl who was once more scared, a little lost, a little thrown around my emotions felt too greatly.

Earlier this year, I endured a lot of hard feelings and emotional pain - through heartbreak, through loss, through extreme changes that tested my patience, my courage, my sense of self worth. On day 303 /365 of this incredibly life-changing year, the storm has definitely calmed down by the end of October - and things are looking bright again.  I never thought I'd make it out to this point. But here I am, and what lesson have I learned to its core but to stand for something. 
I believe in something greater than myself, whatever it is.
I believe in elevating the world in any way possible, leaving it a little better when I found it. This is why I write, this is why I teach ballet to very young girls, this is why I tell my friends I have their back. This is why I no longer become close to giving up on myself or my goals, because the world needs us.

If you're here right now; physically alive, present; the world needs you.

 What pushed me to this very point - to the point where I feel like I've got no choice but to stand up, be myself, and speak out for those who can't? It 

 The times I've been the most miserable were during times I had closed my heart off - to strangers. To those I needed to forgive. To my loved ones. And that's why I can no longer live with these walls built around me for a false sense of "protection" - because it blocks a very sacred gate to a world most of us are still trying to  discover: the world of unity. No hate. No fear. It seems like a longshot and out of reach for many...but I say otherwise. Let's stand up for each other. Let's get involved and take action on these worldly events that are changing the course of human history. Let's let everyone around us know we have their backs. Let's give love without expectation, and give help graciously and where it's needed.

When your faith has been shaken once, twice, or even thirty times - you begin to wonder if there's a way to be seeing things differently. You stop settling for your old way of living, and as frightening as it appears, you decide to rise up, grow bold, and head straight into your fears. 

That's what this year has been about. I walked around for months out of confusion, wondering where my path was taking me - that "road" appeared very dark. As I come out the end of this "tunnel" towards the end of 2016, I understand now. I don't know everything or even anything, that's for sure. but I "get it" as of today.


Published by Dani Savka