You have no idea how good I felt today! I felt like I did a writing sprint today.

I was able to accomplish getting chapter 12 and 13 done! I can't believe I got 2 chapters done in one day. I haven't done that since when I first started. I was feeling really tired last night, so I wasn't able to finish Belle. I finished it this morning. When the movie was over, I let the music play. That's when my writing began.

So tomorrow, I'll be working on getting my final book 1 chapter. Chapter 14... I can't believe I made it this far! I'm very excited to already to start writing book 2 chapter 15. But once I finish chapter 14. I'm editing 8-14. I need to fix all my grammar error. I more importantly, need to fix all the plot holes. Even as I'm typing I can feel the plot holes. I also need to deal with forgotten characters, that I didn't mean to forget.

Around 8 pm, I started to go back to one of my other projects Tecnhagers.

It's not a novel, it's actually a tv series that I was writing. It's about teens who have super powers. I've gone through many rewrites trying to find the perfect Pilot. I think I actually found.

I made a new music playlist that's really helping me also. Today was my best day of writing. I can't wait to edit. I know I can improve my chapters. Once I finish, I can start uploading on Tablo.

So hold on tight guys, we're writing something great!

Published by Shannell Assem