It certainly feels amazing to start editing! I just had to get away from the terrible chapter 14 writer's block. I was able to edit chapter 9 and post it on Tablo! I didn't even realize that I already did chapter 8. Which is a great thing.

I was even able to make some changes while editing. I'm starting to edit chapter 10. But before I did that, I went back to take a look at my Techngers script.

Still working on the Pilot episode. It's taking me forever! I felt like Technagers was so easier when I intended it for children... But I don't want to do that anymore. Writing about superheroes isn't hard... Right?

Anyways, I plan to get through editing chapters 10 and 11 tomorrow. I'll only post 1 chapter a day on Tablo, to keep it fresh... And to give me time.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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