I got home earlier than expected. Which was great but I was desperately tired. On the bright side, I was able to post chapter 12 of Succession! I'm very excited because that is my favorite chapter! I don't want to give anything away but... you gotta read it! 

I'm also working on The Inspiration behind Leon. The man who started it all! So expect that to be a little longer than Layla's.

I'm still working on that artwork I started yesterday. I'll finish by the week.

Still trying to work out the Technagers Pilot. I might have to consider a co-writer... It will all be sorted out soon. I do have some ideas, so I'm working on that now along with working on chapter 13. 

I haven't done a Good Music article in a while. I"ll try and get that done. 

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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