I finished working on BTS of Leon. That will be posted tomorrow on WordPress, and soon on My Trending Stories.

As I continue to be on my break from writing Succession. I started to write a what if scenario. Of course, I'm not being serious about it and make it to a novel. Or change the way I have been writing Succession.

I wrote how life would be for Layla if she wasn't the only child. She would have an older brother named Nathan and two little sisters. I wrote that Leon would have perfect parents. Layla and Leon wouldn't be friends, he rather friends with her older brother.

I might post it when I'm done. It won't be uploaded on Tablo. I'll make it a PDF.

Working on a new art piece. I was able to finish coloring Selina.

I'm working on a new Layla artwork. Then I'll move on to drawing Selina and possibly John.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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