I worked on chapter 16. Didn't write as much as I hope. I feel like I'm going through doubt. Writing chapter 16 feels like the struggle of writing chapter 1. I did manage to write the opening. I also surprisingly wrote the ending. Now I literally just need to fill it in. I hope I'm not going through another writer's block.

I just had to watch some tv. Just to free up my mind. 

I went on photoshop today. Looked for more brushes and fonts. I'm also trying to get back into coding before school starts. I still can't believe college is fast approaching once again!

Anyways, trying to go to bed before 12...

Alex and Sierra Good Music article will ONLY be posted on My Trending Stories. I did that because I had gifs in it. Read it here!

1 Alex-and-Sierra-630x420

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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