Woah , this is not going well. Im bored, and i hate being bored.

7 days ago i thought i could update this blog everyday with fun interesting stories about doing stuff , finding fun ways to do stuff and generally having fun.

How wrong was i!

I crave cheeseburgers on the daily , i want to go to Pizza Hut and plant myself in the thousand island dressing. I want to shoot veg oil like a crack fiend. This low sugar is kicking my ass and eating sausages dumped in lard sounds SO FREAKIN GOOD I CANNOT EXPLAIN.

Im also fasting for a friend for Ramadan and woah , if you need a test , a fast is one.This is crazy already!

Yesterday would normally be cheat meal day , where i would smash down a can of Pringles and a Large Pizza would be nothing , but due to money my cheat meal consisted of a 2p loaf of bread and some Peanut butter i had from ages ago.

Two peanut butter sandwiches was my cheat meal. Help

As i have my head down on my floor due to somehow being exhausted after working out this morning , a workout that consisted of a few kicks and shadow sparring, im so tired.

But , we dont give up.

Twitter competition entries up to 252 , no luck , i hate losing!

Two matched bets at £3 and £6 profit , woop.

I also started planning my next challenge this week , because , you know , love skipping stuff , constantly look forward innit.

Next 30 day challenge :

Travel from my Mums house to Penzance and back , by spending almost nothing (Emergency money will be provided if life is in danger.)

Was originally thinking getting the bus back up after the challenge , but decided this minute im going to come back up the same way. 30 miles a day , 900 miles.

Going to be researching free ways to travel , cheap ideas for sleeping , ways to eat off nothing and using samples and giveaways to fuel me on my journey.


  • Rely on transport as little as possible.
  • Sleep in some weird ass places
  • Dont quit
  • Spend little to no money on start up , use free donation sites.
  • Dont rely on friends handouts along the way.
  • Do some funny shit.
  • Make people go ‘WTF’
  • No hotels
  • Eat good
  • No help from mum
  • Dont die.
  • Explore this country
  • Read maps , use compasses and ask for directions  , only use WIFI in designated spots.
  • Open my mind

Week totals

Food ive lived off : (Everything mentioned before plus) :7 loaves of bred at 2p ; 14p.

6p milk

total cost of food these past couple of days since last blog :20p

pretty sure ive hit under £17 food , woo hoo

Freebies this week in exchange for stuff : Wrestling , Chicken , Shaker , Poster , Heart disease manual , possible Biltong.

Tips :

Youtube is a saviour , so much free stuff!

Keep at goals , money is no excuse.

Point: Not even sure wtf this blog is anymore , think my sugar levels are so low im just vomiting random stuff with these 23 days to go , follow my 2007 Britney meltdown


Yours in bread


Published by Nathan Barnes