Today I took a day trip to Nottingham. Ok so maybe not that kind of day trip. As you probably aren't aware (as I have only just started blogging on this site) I have been studying towards a PhD in Nottingham but I am currently living back home in Manchester while I write up my thesis.

Having finished a couple of chapters my supervisor thought it best to go through the revisions face-face rather than just over email, plus it meant I got to catch up with everyone. So a day trip to Notts it was.

Having strategically arranged my train so that I arrived just in time for lunch I was immediately met with lots of smile and hugs and it's so good to see yous which meant more than I thought it actually would. There was also an abundance of people that I hadn't seen before, this years intake of BmedScis (or med students) who were there to undertake a research project. We get them every year but this year there seems to be hundreds of them! OK so like 6 but still.

Anyway despite only being away a few months it was like I hadn't been away -minus the bits of gossip etc that i didn't know about- and lunch just flew by. I then had an hour to kill, which I basically spent distracting Sam. Now Sam also started his PhD at the same time as me and is at the same point writing up and so we basically just moan to each other about everything PhD in a way that no-one else really gets. He always reminds me that I am not alone in this on the bad days and we celebrate the good days as well - he has won 2 awards this past year!

Then it was meeting time. As it turns out my chapter was not as bad as I thought he was going to say it was. Sure i've got a fair amount of revisions and some image re-analysis to do but it's not like I have to re-write the whole thing. So that's something right?

So now i'm sat in starbucks across from the train station waiting for my train back to Manchester where I will crack on with the revisions. Well, maybe tomorrow. It was nice to have some social interaction during the day though. Being at home writing all day can get a little lonely sometimes if I'm honest, especically with all the social media telling about all the wonderful exciting things everyone is doing while you are stuck at home writing. I do quite like the writing though, maybe as much as the actual science itself.

Right, got to go and catch my train now,

Until next time then ...

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