Healing, we all need it at times both physical, mental and emotional. But the question to some is this, does God heal today? 

Yes God still heals today, it is His will to heal His people. He wants to heal your broken heart, your physical pain and your mental anguish. When Jesus died for you He died to give you first of all forgiveness of sins, but just as important, He died to give you healing. He died so that you might live a healed life. (Isaiah 53:5)

The world and sometimes even the church world, gives several different answers on how we are to get our healing. And if you have been around for a while, you have heard some of this: "God will heal you if you tithe, if you give a certain amount of money, if you pray hard enough, fast". But thats not scriptural, in fact its a sin to claim that we need to do something to get God to heal us. He has already done what He needs to do to heal us, we just have to accept it in faith. 

When we have to accept it in faith its not a question about believing He heals today. You do not have to have a strong faith in Gods ability to heal for Him to heal you. 

So why then is not everybody healed? 

First of all because most of them who seek healing today are in fact sinning in the process. They come before God and ask Him to heal them without choosing to repent of their sins first. Every time you believe you have to do something to get God to heal you, you are sinning. So its no wonder He does not answer a prayer for healing if that prayer is founded on sin. 

So what are we to do to be healed by God?

Isaiah 53:5 says it all, we have to believe. 

Believe in what?

Believe that He died for us, for our sins. Believe that when He died you died with Him. Believe that when He was crucified you was crucified with Him. Believe that His blood was shed for your sins. Believe that you where buried with Him and raised to a new life with Him. 

When He died on that cross you died with Him. So you are dead to sin, dead to sickness, dead to disease and dead to this world. When He was raised from the dead you where raised with Him, to live His life and He has no sickness, He is never sick and He has no poverty.

He wants to heal you, right here, right now, but you have to believe first and believe you have died with Him. If you believe this He will do the rest. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com