So, in a previous article I made a couple of predictions about where the Freeform series Dead of Summer was heading.  My theories were that the Tony Todd character would turn out to be a good guy, and that Amy was my choice as the true villain.  And what do you know, barring some complete mind screw in tomorrow’s final episode, I was right!

The key point that led to my theories was that Holyoke, the aforementioned Tony Todd ghost character, had wanted the young camper Anton to find his bones instead of the drug-dealing Satanists.  Creepy as he was, his actions didn’t make sense for a villain. 

Since I suspected that the show wouldn’t go with just the Satanists as the bad guys, and would want one of the main characters to be the true puppet master, I started considering who might be the bad guy, or girl.  And while Deb was the obvious choice, I thought that the line in Amy’s flashback about her having a turbulent history would turn out to be very important, and ultimately decided to put my money on Amy as the antagonist.

As things continued in the series, I remained very suspicious of Amy because of how unnaturally calm she seemed to be about everything that was going on at the camp.  I also noticed that while Amy had initially been presented as the likely final girl, Jessie was being moved from being the mean girl who would be one of the first to die into being the true final girl of the series.

The death of Joel was the point that I became completely convinced that I was right about Amy being evil.  Not just because she killed him, which could be said to be the action of the demon possessing her, and something that she had no control over.  It was the line she said in response to Joel saying they wanted to save her.  If she was actually under complete control of the demon, the line would have reflected that, I thought.  She would have said something like “Amy’s not home anymore,” or “You’re too late to save her.”  The line “I don’t want to be saved” could technically have worked with her being controlled, but I was immediately convinced that it was really Amy talking, not the demon.

So since I’m on a roll, what do I think is going to happen in the finale?  After all the talk in the last episode from Amy about living in a cage, I think she will actually survive the final episode but be arrested for the murders, and find out what it’s really like to live in a cage.  And if the anthology series is renewed, presumably the second season will focus on Deb’s previous experiences at the camp, and explain why she had the cult mask in her possession.

Published by Andrew Clendening