If you ever get the opportunity to go to Deadvlei, go. It truly is something more than just dead trees. Enjoy the poem.


Mountains block out the sun

Red illuminates the ground with dust

Humans crawl for the majestic peace

Enthralled by the sight of the death of trees

Untouched by love, a celibate land

Innocence kept from the hands of a desperate man

We trample over such beautiful things

Just trying to get us close to the beauty within


People gather round, lips are moving

As the sun beats down, a gentle breeze soothes it

Not a murmur is heard over that eloquent peace

This is a metaphor for death if you ever did need

Silence fills the air, wind speaks in sombre tones

The backdrop tells stories that we long to know

The media tells us that we’ve heard it all

But you’ve heard nothing until you’ve heard nothing at all


Cameras flash, trying to capture this scene

As dead wood stands as A-list celebrities

A little oasis, was nothing more than a lake

As we admire the beauty behind deaths true greatness

Standing in the symmetry of a cemetery

This image is as perfect as any picture can be

But if there was ever a lesson to be learnt

It’s that even dead trees can shine in a desert


More poetry and spoken word can be found on my Facebook page.  Thanks to William Steel Photography for the imagery. 


Peace and Love

Published by Glenn Thomas