Sincerely, the rest of the world.

Wait, what?

I’m talking about the latest mass shooting to happen on the 12th of June 2016 in Orlando, Florida. This has been described as the deadliest in American history. It feels to me as each new mass shooting beats the old record of how many people are killed.

It gives me chills just to look at this chart.

These numbers make a grotesque mockery of all the efforts Obama has made to strengthen gun laws during his 2 terms as president. And these numbers are just the big shoots we hear about in the media from across the pond in Europe. A quick visit to The Gun Violence Archive shows quite clearly that, although to  different degrees of damage and deaths, gun violence happens every day. EVERY DAY!

While reading the news I came across an article where some Democrat proudly said that they spent 13 hours discussing the possibility of having a vote to tighten laws. Now, I am supposed to be practicing Buddhist techniques of nothingness;  letting everything wash over me without reacting, without being emotional- but this just made my blood boil.

  • How much more time is going to be wasted going backward and forward without a concrete decision?
  • Why does the NRA have such  control over decision-makers in the USA?
  • How many more children going to school need to die?

I understand that Americans are proud of their right to self-defense. But for a country who prides itself on being civilized and the “Leader of the Free World”, these actions are disgusting and barbaric.

Gun violence does not happen in Europe because people don’t have guns. THE US has a higher murder rate, and one of the reasons for this is that anyone can get a gun from the supermarket.

If you want to defend yourself, head to your local martial arts class and learn some funky moves to disable your opponent. Stop this madness. Don’t buy a gun.


Claire x

Published by Claire Schembri