Every four years the people of this country come together and go to the polls. This is one of many ways that the United States is so great, we get the option to choose who the leader of our country is. Yesterday, Donald J Trump was elected our 45th President of the United States. This election was one that made history, not only did we have our first woman presidential candidate ever, we also had our first candidate that did not have any prior military or government experience. Our country voted for the latter. 

As I watched the election unfold on TV and social media, I was completely appalled by the behavior of people on both sides of the spectrum. People were asking their friends to delete them if they voted for the opposing candidate, calling each other horrendous names, and bashing peoples' choices and decisions which they completely had the right to make. How did I grow up in a generation where people can't learn to agree to disagree? Where people my age say they want to leave the country because things didn't go their way? I am very disappointed. Though I didn't really care for either candidate, I will stand with my country and help us move forward. I won't protest in the streets, I won't cause destruction, I won't leave, I will continue working at my job and enjoying my life.

With our country so divided it is even more important for us all to stand united, agree to disagree and just be there for each other. Then in another 4 years we will get to make this decision again, hopefully with more substantial candidates. That is what is great about democracy, we will get the chance to do this all over again. 

Published by Cameo Jonas